8th Grade Selective Enrollment Program

Registration for our 8th grade classes to prepare for the Selective Enrollment Entrance Exam is NOW OPEN!

SelectivePrep offers the only classroom programs in Chicago to help students prepare for the Selective Enrollment Entrance Exam. This test is one third of the score required for admissions to a Selective Enrollment High School.

Program Overview

With the SelectivePrep Program, students prepare for the Selective Enrollment Entrance Exam in a structured classroom setting with one of our expert Instructors. These classes enable students to master the math and verbal topics on the exam. Students leave the course better equipped to face the admissions process and better prepared to succeed in high school. The SelectivePrep Program starts with a diagnostic test to pinpoint strengths and weaknesses. Students will have access to supplemental material so they can practice in areas where they need the most improvement. Students also take a practice test under test conditions just before they take "the real thing". The SelectivePrep Program:

  • Is offered on weekends at convenient locations or after school at local elementary schools
  • Includes both regular 8 week (2 hours per session) or intensive 4 week (4 hours per session) programs
  • Includes a Study Guide with extensive review material
  • Includes a Diagnostic Test to pinpoint student strengths/weaknesses
  • Is divided between math and verbal sections
  • Does not use calculators to encourage students to think on their feet
  • Limits class size to twenty students
  • Provides regular communication to parents on student progress
  • Includes quizzes to provide additional feedback and keep students on their toes

Program Syllabus

Session Topics Covered
Session 1 Diagnostic Test; Intro to Exam, Number Properties
Session 2 Decimals, Fractions and Mixed Numbers, Probability and Combinations, Reading Comprehension 1
Session 3 Percents, Ratios, Averages, Grammar 1; Math Quiz 1
Session 4 Basic Algebra & Equations; Reading Comprehension 2; Math Quiz 2
Session 5 Inequalities, Units of Measurement, Charts and Graphs, Grammar 2; Math Quiz 3
Session 6 Geometry, Vocabulary & Spelling Review Quiz
Session 7 Word Problems, Grammar 3; Language Quiz 1; Reading Comprehension Quiz 1
Session 8 Practice Test; Practice Test Review & Last Minute Tips

Click here to try some sample SelectivePrep Selective Enrollment Entrance Exam Program material.

Program Timing

Registration for SelectivePrep's Fall 2016 classes is now open. Classes will start in September 2016. Please feel free to contact us if you have any additional questions.

After School Classes

SelectivePrep conducts after school classes at elementary schools across Chicago. If you are interested in after school program, please let us know.

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Matthew Greenberg (312) 409-8411

April 2, 2016

     Chicago, IL –In the most recent round of admissions, average Academic Center admissions scores recovered from the battering they took the prior year, when CPS replaced the ISAT with the far more rigorous MAP as the 5th grade score component. Last year was the first time that CPS used a Common Core aligned test in the Academic Center admissions process. Its introduction caused a particularly noticeable decline among the less competitive schools and students from the lowest Tiers at all schools. The MAP accounts for 300 points of CPS’ 900 point admissions scale.

     Competition for spots at the two top Academic Centers, Whitney Young and Lane Tech, intensified as scores rose across all of the Tiers. There was a particularly noticeable squeeze at Lane Tech where there was only a 6-point difference in the minimum score (864) and maximum score (870) of an accepted Tier 4 student.

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